BIDDING REQUIREMENTS (we reserve the right to refuse to accept bids from anyone)

    • Must be present at PITCHFORK RANCH HORSE SALE day of Sale.
    • Valid Drivers license is required to issue a bid number.
    • Bank/Financial Institution:  Letter or Verification of Deposit is appreciated.
      Have your Bank Complete their Form and mail to: Pitchfork Ranch Horse Sale, 1414 US Highway 14A,  Powell, WY   82435
    • Buyer must be 21 years of age.
    To GUARANTEE Bidding Please get Pre-approved before Thursday prior to the Auction
    • Banks/Financial Institutions are notorious for taking 2-3 weeks to complete their forms, due to non-personal service & customer non-recognition.
      Please adjust your time frame as the Financial Info is a Requirement to clarify your available $$.
    • There is a 3% buyers fee for all bids via SUPERIOR LIVESTOCK, via Phone or Click-To-Bid
      • PHONE BIDS click on this link   To Register for a Buyer Number  **(BEST & SAFEST Absentee Bidding)
        On the first line of this form, Sale Registering for: (Enter) Pitchfork Ranch Horse Sale
      • Click-To-Bid is the ONLINE BIDDING 
        Please note that high speed internet is required – this is not for dial-up or satellite internet.
        If you click ONE TIME on the bid button you have bought the item. 
        BID ERROR!!  There is NO verification of your bid and NO UNDO, unless you CALL SUPERIOR IMMEDIATELY to cancel your bid!
        • Complete the BUYER'S REGISTRATION FORM 
          On the first line of this form, Sale Registering for: (Enter) PITCHFORK RANCH HORSE SALE
  3. BANK/FINANCIAL ABILITY VERIFIED: Please have your bank complete ONE of the following
    • Verification of Deposit/Account
      (This shows what funds are available to be used at auction and gives you this limit in which to bid)
    • or a Bank Letter stating that you are a customer in Good Standing. 
      (This does NOT limit your bidding to a specific value.)
    • or Bank Letter stating that you have an account with this bank and there are $xx,xxx funds to guarantee payment for a purchase at the Pitchfork Ranch Horse Sale Auction.

Please HAVE your BANK send one of the above forms to BOTH:

Pitchfork Ranch HORSE Sale:  email to or Fax to 307-754-7121
Superior Livestock:  email to or Fax to (817) 378-3380

Upon receipt of this information Superior will email you with a buyer’s number and the PHONE BID line phone number that YOU will call sale day to place bids.
Call In to the phone number provided: one animal prior to the one you wish to bid on.

Questions?? Please call the Superior Productions Office: 800-422-2117

(1)Open the website:
(2)Click BECOME A MEMBER TAB at the top of the page.
           Input your information and select a username and password
           You will receive an e-mail confirming you are a member.
           Once you are a member just sign back in anytime with your Username & Password.
(3) MUST REGISTER for a SPECIFIC Auction:   Click ALL AUCTIONS TAB at the top of the page. 
(4) Locate PITCHFORK RANCH HORSE SALE Auction (Auctions are listed in date order),
(5) Click the REGISTER Box -right lower corner on the PITCHFORK RANCH HORSE SALE auction’s banner, age and complete info on the next screen.
(6) Once approved, an e-mail will confirm Auctions you are registered with currently.


Superior Productions Fax: 817-624-3325
Office: 800-422-2117 Website:

SUPERIOR LIVESTOCK will be providing......

....Webcasting Link   (Available here by noon on sale day)

Viewing the Auction: 2 locations to view sales broadcast live on the internet:

(1) To Watch ONLY: Go To - Select the Auction
(Your computer must have Flash Media Player installed for this website to view the auction.)
(2) To WATCH & BID over the computer: See full description on "BIDDING" Section

          (Must have registered to Bid and sent in Bank Info prior to Auction.)

a)Go To
b)Select the Auction
c) Login

Questions?? Please call the Superior Productions office 800-431-4452.


Preferred Payment Method

  • Checks are accepted if you are at the sale in person and a registered buyer with the PITCHFORK RANCH HORSE SALE Office on sale day!
  • Bank Wire, Preferred Payment Method for Superior Livestock Buyers.
    Bank Wire shall be due MONDAY prior to NOON MST, immediately following the sale date.
    You will be emailed an invoice advising you of the balance due and will include wiring instructions.
    or We are glad to email directly to your contact at the bank if you have made arrangements to have them handle the wire. Provide your bank contact's name & email address.
  • Credit Card Payments will be accepted through PayPal at an additional 3.5% convenience fee.
    By paying with a credit card you acknowledge, That you waive the right for a return of the horse and/or refund of monies paid, all in conjunction with your purchase at this sale from Clark Management Company, Inc.

    Clark Management Company is a pass-through agency and does not hold funds for guarantees, returns or refunds of monies paid on animals purchased at auction.

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